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Sir William Russell Flint

Sir William Russell Flint

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Eva Horvath Feet

    Eva Horvath feet pictures, Eva Horvath legs, Eva Horvath toes, Eva Horvath barefoot and shoes.

    Eva Horvath is a stunningly beautiful lingerie model.

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Jennifer Lopez Feet

    Jennifer Lopez feet pictures, Jennifer Lopez legs, Jennifer Lopez toes, Jennifer Lopez barefoot and shoes.

    Jennifer Lopez is an amazingly beautiful and talented American actress and singer, known for an array of hit albums and movies roles such as Selena and Anaconda.

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Singer Jennifer Lopez attends the Fourth

    The most important initial key to riches is to have a dream. Without it, there is no destination to shoot for. There is no purpose. A dream is the same as a vision. It is what you see yourself as in the future; it is what you have successfully become or have successfully accomplished
    A purpose is why you see it; and a goal is the steps you need to do to fulfill what you see within a period of time. To put it simply, a goal is a dream or vision with a deadline
    I have experienced first hand the power of having a dream. It creates passion in everything that you do and you can waste a lot of time when you wrongly identify or go against your real dream
    During my childhood I attended our local elementary school and the only exposure I had then as far as potential vocation was quite limited. I could either be a farmer, teacher, fisherman or a laborer
    I was not exposed to too many professionals or even big business people. My father was a businessman who was involved in different small businesses and I had decided early on I was going to be a businessman just like him. That was going to be my dream, to be a businessman Source URL:
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    In our society celebrities are enormously glorified as fashion divas and style icons by fashion magazines and tabloids. Fashion journalists and photographers go overboard in covering fashion trends that celebs are either following or setting, and not just on the red carpet but even when they're grocery shopping
    In a way they project to people what trends they should be following while dressing up for an occasion and also in a subtle manner dictate to them how they can get a chic look when going out in the town
    Youngsters and teenagers in particular come under the strong influence of the media projection of their favourite celebrity and start emulating them. This is how trends become fashions
    While accessories have always been there to add more zing to you semblance, these play a more significant role in the current fashion trends. Earlier accessories were merely used to dress up an outfit but nowadays it seems people choose their accessories first and then find a dress to match them
    All credit for the change in perception can be awarded to the media that spends reams of paper in discussing the shoes, bags and jewelery worn by the celebs. Fashionable celebrities in their bid to become the talk of the press do not mind choosing the most jarring shoes as they are well aware their shoes will be noticed
    In a way, celebrities make use of outrageous high heel shoes to help them to be noticed and remain in the buzz
    Excessive media hype over bold, outrageous and seductive shoes has created a cult of celebrities known for their fetishes for high heels and extraordinary shoes. Some of the most shoe-worthy celebs reputed for their extreme craze for high heel shoes are -
    -Victoria Beckham - Posh Spice, as she is better known, feels she is addicted to high heel shoes. "I just can't concentrate in flats" the Spice Girl said in an interview recently
    Victoria is always in the news for her bold and innovative skyscraper heels designed by high profile shoe designers of the likes of Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, and Jimmy Choo
    -Beyoncé - "I love those super-high shoes that are out at the moment. I'm addicted," the sensational singer and actress once exclaimed. Her high heel stiletto shoes and platform high heel shoes have created quite a stir in the shoe fashion world Source URL:
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jessica :) antm 14

antm 14

VOGUE photoshoot. NABBED :D

raina-H :)

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